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Apexa contracting and compliance more efficient for Advisors, MGAs & Carriers through standardized processes, building a digital platform and conducting automated monitoring with notifications.

Insurers as well as MGA are gradually joining Apexa




March 9, 2020 | The signature of the Advisor Contract between Agenz/Sentiel and the advisor must be completed via the Apexa system.

April 1st,  2020 | New contracts with Canada Life, Sun Life and Empire will be processed through Apexa.

December 31,  2020 | All advisors with an active code with Industrial-Alliance and Sun Life must have completed their Apexa profile before December 31, 2020.


Inscription d’un conseiller autonome
Requesting a new contract Advisor FR | EN
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Inscription d’un conseiller rattaché
Requesting a new contract Advisor to Corporation FR | EN
Requesting a new contract Corporation FR | EN
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