For each line of business, Financière S_entiel inc. has a lot of experience to offer. Whether simple or complex cases, we share our expertise as a team with you.

  • Succession Planning
  • Business development support
  • Financial Planner, Tax specialist
  • Continuing education Training
  • Back office (Groupe Agenz)
  • IT Support
  • Referencing
  • Turnkey service
  • Comparative analysis of insurance products
  • Comprehensive and objective evaluation of the providers offer
  • Establishment of efficient utilities



Produits & concepts

Individual insurance

Life | Disability | Critical illness | Long Term Care | Accident-Illness |Travel |Medical-Dental


Segregated and Mutual Funds | RRSP | RRIF |LIRA | LIF | RESP | IPP |TSFA | GIC| Lifetime Annuity |Banking Solutions

Group products

Group Insurance | Group RRSP | RPP | DPSP

Insurance concepts

Insured Annuity | corporate disbursement | Planned Giving | ILRP | Split Dollar


Concept: demonstrate the characteristics of a product compared to a targeted goal.

Marketing system in four stages: Targets | Benefits Sought | Product Features | Give at least three solutions

Administrative system

We are a founding shareholder of Groupe AgenZ, a specialized processing center dedicated exclusively for new business and in force transactions with all our insurers.